A Luxury Wedding Reception for Your Special Day
What is the perfect wedding venue? Of course, preferences of the bride and the groom will differ, but there are still several common points – happy guests, delicious food, marvelous cake, perfectly timed ceremony, toasts and nice decorations just to name a few.
To make a wedding party really stand out, the couple should answer the following questions:
  • How is a guest list composed, and who should be invited?
  • When should the wedding invitations be sent out?
  • How would the guests be entertained at the reception?
  • What level of formality should be chosen?
  • What type of menu would be ideal?
  • What would be the best way to customize the seating arrangement?
  • How to think and plan over the course of the timeline?
  • What type of activities would be suitable and fun for the children?
  • How to design a budget you are comfortable with?
Wow! A pretty amazing list of points to consider. Let us help you plan your wedding.
Choosing your wedding reception venue is one of the biggest decisions that you will have to make. The venue sets the mood of the whole party and is the place where all your special moments will take place.
To make your venue selection easier and your wedding day extra special, take a look at what we offer here at National Event Venue. We promise that you will be impressed.
Not only does our National Event Venue offer a great location for your wedding party but you will also be provided with the following optional services:
  • An experienced and dedicated staff of wedding planners
  • Florists and decorators with refined tastes
  • DJ(s)
  • Skilled chefs with their expert teams
  • Multiple other resources and third parties who will help organize your special day in the best and most efficient manner.
So, what else can we offer in addition to our team of experts and the services listed above?

1. A foyer.

Unlike many other wedding venues, our Toronto based location meets the needs of guests and gives them a space to gather, to chat, to have some drinks and snacks before entering the ceremony hall.

2. Grand entrance for the bride and groom.

A stylish stage for a recently married couple will make them look more impressive and visible to all the guests.

3. Bridal suite.

At National Event Venue we do our best to make a bride feel comfortable and have a place for her to relax after the ceremony, to have a snack and to freshen up.

4. Variety of decorations.

If a couple wants to design the tables in an exclusive way, or have special lighting for their wedding ceremony, then we can make these arrangements.

5. Wide selection of menus.

This is one of the most special highlights of our wedding venue in Toronto. We offer both traditional and exclusive menus. Among them:
    • Caribbean menu
    • Asian kitchen
    • Greek kitchen
    • Portuguese kitchen
    • Indian kitchen
    • Uzbek kitchen
    • Vegetarian menu
    • Russian kitchen
    • Ukrainian kitchen

6. Own limo service in Toronto.

You can rent a luxurious limo for your wedding ceremony directly from the National Event Venue.
The National Event Venue is truly a one-stop shop for many of your wedding planning needs. So, are you ready to start your wedding reception party planning? We have hundreds of ideas on how to make your celebration unforgettable and impress your guests. By choosing our beautiful wedding venue, you will love looking through your wedding day photos over and over again!
To take the first step towards your special day, please fill out the online form and have your wedding party scheduled to ensure you get the desired date. A National Event Venue representative will contact you as soon as possible to discuss all the details.
Our goal is to make everything go smoothly and professionally so that you can have the wedding of your dreams!
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